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Sinrex Review: Is It Effective?

Not being able to “perform” is an issue too many men face but not one that any guy wants to admit too. For men who do have trouble in the bedroom related to problems with sexual excitement, weak libidos or being unable to maintain erections, their problem can cause a lot of unnecessary anxiety and trepidation, even keeping some men from dating so they can avoid sexual encounters.

Today, there are a number of products designed to help men in just this situation, one solution is Sinrex, a natural male enhancement pill that calls itself “the World’s First 2-in-1 Male Enhancement Pill.”


Although there are many male sexual enhancement pills on the market, Sinrex may be the first to feature a time-released formula. Men take one or two pills a day and the formula is steadily released into the body, working to expand the amount of blood that enters the penis when aroused to provide larger, fuller, firmer and more durable erections.

The results are due to the Sinrex combination of ingredients including: Omega 3, soy extract, hawthorn berries, soy palmetto berries, ginkgo biloba, green tea extract and vitamin E. These ingredients are often associated with improving blood circulation, restoring balance in the body, stimulating the mind and offering energy. Horny goat weed, a natural substance often compared to Viagra, is another addition in the formula as it may arouse testosterone production for a better sex drive.

Another key ingredient is the antioxidant lycopene which may be able to help prevent prostate cancer. Learn more at


According to the Sinrex website, a clinical study was conducted on the product. The short-term study was done on 50 men in a two-week period. The volunteers were broken into two groups, one received the Sinrex formula, the other group received a placebo. In just 15 days, the group that received the genuine Sinrex formula experienced improved sperm production, stiffer erections and a decrease in premature ejaculation, as a side effect of taking the product, weight loss and increased energy was also experienced.

Finding positive testimonials of Sinrex to back up these claims is also a simple process. A number of pictures and reviews from customers are posted at the enhancement pills official website. Favorable reviews are also easily found on a number of online shopping and product review websites.

Possible Side Effects

Adverse side effects are a possibility with all male enhancement products, regardless of the quality of their ingredients. Horny goat weed, for instance, could possibly trigger excessive thirst, dizziness and vomiting in some individuals. Gingko biloba cannot be taken in combination with certain other medications and can cause heart palpitations and agitation. Another ingredient in the formula, saw palmetto, could potentially cause headaches or an increase in bruising.


Sinrex is reasonably priced at $40 for a month’s supply and a full refund is available if returned within 6 months of purchase.
Order online and receive discrete shipping to your home.


More information is needed on how the time-release formula functions.


Sinrex manages to successfully function as both a sexual enhancer and a supplement for improving general health and fitness. In fact, its multi-use capabilities, allows men to use the herbal supplement to replace weight loss products, muscle mass builders or daily energy supplements. Thereby helping men reduce the number of medications they take daily and develop a healthy, active, enjoyable sex life.

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